THANK YOU to the following Gulf Coast Texans Sponsors!


Gulf Coast Texans Soccer Club is a not-for-profit organization. It relies heavily upon sponsorship from organizations, businesses, and the local community.


If you are interested in sponsoring GCT/PFC, or know of someone who may be, your help is greatly appreciated. There are a variety of different types of sponsor programs to choose from.

Want information on becoming a sponsor?
Premier Sponsor

Reach a higher level of performance on and off the field with Sacred Heart Sports Care. We provide a winning combination of education, training assistance and wellness support provided to competitors of all ages through a network of sports medicine physicians who understand the unique needs of athletes. As a partner with Sacred Heart Sports Care, your team will gain priority access to specialized sports medicine services throughout Sacred Heart Health System.


Our services at Sacred Heart Sports Care include:

  • Injury Prevention Education – We can help prevent sports-related injuries by providing ongoing education programs and materials to athletes and coaches.

  • Treatment and Rehabilitation - In case of an injury, we can help get you back on your feet by connecting you with Sacred Heart Health System’s sports medicine physicians, surgeons and rehabilitation therapists who will give you the individualized care that you need to get back in the game. 

  • On-Site Event Medical Coverage - Through our licensed physical therapists and sports medicine doctors, we can provide medical coverage not only for your team or organization but also for tournaments and sporting events of all types.

  • Comprehensive Care – Sacred Heart Health System’s comprehensive clinical services, along with more than 700 practicing primary care and specialty physicians, allow us  to assist you with whatever health issue is keeping you off the field.

For more information on how your group can seize the healthier, more competitive advantage, please contact:

Outreach Coordinator, Sacred Heart Sports Care
(850) 416-2100 • SHSportsCare@shhpens.org


Select Sponsors

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Paradigm Telecom


Managed Technology


Private Line • Co-Location • Wide Area Networks

Internet • Dark Fiber • Datacenter Disaster Recovery

Security Websites • Desktop/Server Support


(850) 969-7970


Overgroup Consulting, LLC
(866) 470-5502


Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz

(888) 255 - AWKO (2956)



Red and White Sponsors

Vallarta's Mexican Restaurant

9101 Pensacola Boulevard • Pensacola, FL 32534




Brooks Orthodontics

2985 Langley Avenue • Pensacola, FL 32504

850-484-8090 • www.brooksorthodontics.com