Age Chart

To use the age chart above:


1. Find the column listing the month the player was born

2. Scroll down that same column from Step 1 above until you find the year the player was born

3. Follow that row containing the birth year all the way to the left to find the proper age group (in the red column)

4. This is the age group for the player based upon their month and year of birth


Example: A player is born in January of 2000. First we scroll to the Jan column. Then, moving down the column,

we locate the year 2000. We then look all the way to the left on the row matching Jan 2000 to see the age group would be U15.


A player must have attained his/her fourth (4th) birthday prior to Aug 1st.,
or attain his/her 4th birthday prior to any participation in a sanctioned program or eligible to register.